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Kingston Bagpuize House Wedding

Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography (11)

A Kingston Bagpuize House Wedding

Last year I headed along to just outside Oxford for a  Kingston Bagpuize House Wedding, which is a beautiful family owned stately home that provided the stunning backdrop for Julia and Richard’s wedding.

When I originally met Julia and Richard it was immediately clear that Julia was not one for feeling comfortable standing in front of the camera and posing.  I believe her words were “I’ve never had a decent photograph taken of me” which led to two things happening.  Firstly I reassured her that it is not my style to make people pull ridiculous poses in front of the camera or to heavily direct them into feeling they’re part of a fashion shoot for Vogue magazine.  Secondly I grabbed my camera form the car and took a couple of quick shots in their back garden just to show how easy it was to capture a photograph of Julia where she wasn’t blinking or sporting a funny face – her worse nightmare.

Incidentally I had recently swapped my camera setup to a smaller, less intrusive system as being over 6ft tall and not exactly the slimmest of people I already stand out and didn’t want to put people off by waving around a huge camera in front of people when I’m trying to capture natural, relaxed photographs of couples and their friends enjoying the wedding day.

Anyway here are a selection of some of my favourite photographs of Julia and Richard’s Kingston Bagpuize Wedding.


Kingston Bagpuize House




Kingston Bagpuize house wedding photography-3


Kingston Bagpuize house


Wedding dress in Kingston Bagpuize House


Bride with her wedding flowers


Bride looking out of the window at Kingston Bagpuize House


A rather impressive staircase at Kingston Bagpuize House


Bride walking to the ceremony with her father


Bride heading to the outdoor wedding ceremony at Kingston Bagpuize House


Outdoor wedding ceremony


Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography


Friends and family at a wedding


Beautiful gardens at Kingston Bagpuize House


Bride and Groom in gardens at Kingston Bagpuize House


Weddings at Kingston Bagpuize House


Wedding speeches at Kingston Bagpuize House


Guests at a Kingston Bagpuize wedding


Father of the bride's speech


Groom's mother at a Kingston Bagpuize wedding


Best man's speech


Kingston Bagpuize House wedding


Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography (24)


Bridal portraits at Kingston Bagpuize House


Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography (26)


Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography (27)


Wedding guests dancing


Guests dancing inside the marquee at Kingston Bagpuize House


Night time wedding portrait at Kingston Bagpuize House


Kingston Bagpuize wedding photography at night



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